Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Rank 87th In Ultimate Standings

Yesterday, ESPN released its annual ultimate standings for 2012. The "Ultimate Standings", are an in depth ranking of all 122 professional sports teams between the four major sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL).

The rankings take into account the following factors: Bang for the Buck, Fan Relations, Ownership, Affordability, Stadium Experience, Players, Coaching, and Title Track.

The Wild were ranked 87th (3rd out of the 4 Minnesota pro sports teams. Timberwolves-71st, Twins-83rd, and Vikings-100th) out of the 122 teams.

Their factors were rated as follows (Again, out of 122 teams):
Bang for the Buck: 102
Fan Relations: 61
Ownership: 70
Affordability: 93
Stadium Experience: 6
Players: 95
Coaching: 70
Title Track: 103

Ross Marrinson of offered this explanation for the Wild's ranking: "Even the beautiful Xcel Energy Center -- ranked by fans as creating the best stadium experience in the NHL -- can't hide the mediocre product skating on its rink, as the Wild continue to wither away in the doldrums of hockey irrelevance: 78th overall in 2010, 92nd in 2011 and 87th in 2012. Fans don't feel that the team demonstrates a commitment to winning (the Wild haven't eclipsed 90 points since the 2007-08 season) or gets enough from the money it spends. They voted the team in the bottom third of the NHL in seven of the nine categories. The excitement of getting a team after the North Stars bolted to Dallas has faded, and fans are left with an organization that's charging too much -- at $62.63, the average ticket price is ninth highest in the league -- and providing too little success (only three playoff appearances in 11 seasons). The Wild made a huge splash in free agency this year, signing the homegrown Zach Parise and former Predators defenseman Ryan Suter, which should help in the players and ownership categories, ranked this year at 95th and 70th, respectively. But for now, the Wild are where they've always been: searching for a talented team to match their state-of-the-art arena."

Hopefully, in the next few years, the Wild can move further up the ranking chart now that they should have a solid future ahead of them.