Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time To Send Erik Christensen Packing

On February 7th, Chuck Fletcher sent forward Casey Wellman to the New York Rangers in exchange for forward Erik Christensen and a conditional 7th round pick (The Wild get the pick, if Christensen does not resign here next year). Christensen was brought in to help the Wild in shootout situations (He had 24 shootout goals prior to playing with the Wild), an area they have struggled in this season.

Since being acquired, Christensen has played in all 12 games and has gone 2/3 in shootout opportunities (The Wild have won just one of the three shootouts). But beyond that, he has been horrendous. He has produced 0, that's right 0, points while taking shifts on the third and fourth lines. But his most noticeable stat (It's pretty hard to beat the 0 points), is the fact he is a -11 in those 12 games (He had a 1-4-5 line and a +/- rating of 0 in 20 games with NYR). His past three games he has put up a -2 (@DAL), -1 (vs SJ), and -2 (vs LA) respectively. Needless to say, he has been as useful as a broken stick so far.

The Wild didn't give up much to get Christensen here (Let's face it, Casey Wellman did not have much of a future here with all the prospects on the way up). In fact, they will end up getting a draft pick out of this when they don't bring him back in 2012-13. So it has been a low risk situation to get him here. But its time to end this.

Fletcher should send Christensen packing. He may have some usefulness in Houston, so might as well try sending him through waivers to get him there. And if someone else picks him up, then that's just our gain (Not sure if we will still get a draft pick if that happens). Anyone at this point, would be better to have in the lineup than Christensen. That's how bad he has failed here.

So please, Chuck Fletcher, I beg you. End this, and send Erik Christensen away. He has just caused more headaches than you could possibly imagine...

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