Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Timeline of Minnesota Wild Jerseys

Yesterday, the Wild announced that on September 1st at the Minnesota State Fair, they are unveiling their new road jersey for the 2013-14 season. This is not the first time the Wild have unveiled a jersey at the State Fair, as they unveiled their current Forest Green Alternate jersey (see photo below) back in 2009.

The late Derek Boogaard unveils the Wild's alternate jersey in 2009

So as we get ready to see the new road jersey, lets take a look back at the jerseys in Wild history.

Home Jersey: 2000-2003, Away Jersey: 2003-2013
This was the first jersey in the history of the franchise. It was unveiled in the summer of 2000 and served as both the team's home and road jersey. It was the only remaining jersey to have the "razor blade" numbers on the back after the team dumped the matching green jersey following the 06-07 season. 

Away Jersey: 2000-2003, Home Jersey: 2003-2007
This simply is an exact replica of the white jersey, the only difference being that it is all green (with the exception of the red and gold stripes). The color of the numbers on the back of the sweater was not the greatest, but still looked fine. The jersey was a casualty of the NHL switching to the RBK Edge Jerseys after the 2006-07 season, as all NHL teams went down to just a home and an away jersey (Alternates were slowly introduced over the next few years). The Wild stuck with the red uniforms, cutting all ties with a primary green uniform.

Alternate Home Jersey: 2003-2007
Entering the team's fourth season, the Wild unveiled their new red alternate jersey to be worn at home games, as the NHL switched up how home and away teams dress (colors for the home team and white for the road team). The red jersey was met with overwhelming support and the demand for the it was at the top of the NHL jersey charts. The best feature was the laces below the neck, giving the jersey a old school touch. The jersey remained as the team's alternate through the 2006-07 season, but was modified before the 2007-08 season where it would take over as the team's main and only home jersey.

Home Jersey: 2007-Present
When the RBK Edge jerseys took over the NHL, the Wild decided to modify the red jerseys to accommodate the new brand. As you can see between the first and second red jersey, there is now a stripe around the shoulder area and the absence of the green at the bottom. Other than that, everything remained the same.

Alternate Home Jersey: 2009-Present
Again, the Wild unveiled a new third jersey and it was a smashing success. The cursive crest was a very nice touch along with the laces under the neck. The jersey has become more popular than the red jerseys, and was the home uniform of the Wild during their Stanley Cup Playoff appearance last year. This jersey should serve as the main home uniform, with reds switching to alternates but we are not likely to see that switch take place (When this jersey is the only one you wear at home during the postseason, what does that say about what the team thinks of it?).

Personally, I am a big fan of the current green alternates. It should be recorded as the best jersey in the brief history of the franchise (But I'm sure there are others out there who disagree). I would hope that the new road jersey would be modeled after the green alternate much like the Iowa Wild have done, but it does not sound like that will be the case.

But its up to you. State your case for the best Wild jersey in the team's history...

(All jersey photos in this post are courtesy of sportslogos.net)

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  1. We have one of the best/most creative logos in sports (not just my opinion, but having lived in NJ, Philly, and Washington, I have supporting sentiments from fans of other teams). My only beef with the current home greens is that the Wild animal is nowhere to be seen on them (otherwise, they are great). I sincerely hope the new road whites feature the animal more prominently than the Iowa jersey does.