Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Accurate NHL Uniform Power Ranking

Today, Paul Lukas of uni-watch did his annual power rankings of NHL jerseys for

While typically I see eye to eye with him on most things related to jerseys/uniforms in sports, this list he published today is more awful than good.

The ranking has the Columbus Blue Jackets and their cannon crested third jersey checking in one spot ahead of the Minnesota Wild. The Wild came in at number 10 behind the more traditional jerseys in the league (Montreal, Detroit, Toronto, etc.), and keep in mind they have a new road jersey on the way.

Other atrocities on this list include the Dallas Stars and their god awful new jerseys checking in at number 12. Florida and their very plain jerseys getting a spot at 13. San Jose gave their jerseys a face lift and deserved a much better ranking than the 19 they got (their black armor jersey is one of my favorites jerseys in the league). And the Los Angeles Kings came in dead last, despite going back to the black and silver that they previously wore during the Gretzky era.

Since I have several disagreements with the list, I will go out of my way to give you a more accurate list here:

1. Montreal Canadiens-24 Cups with this jersey. Never change this look.
2. Detroit Red Wings-Their crest is so big, that the 'C' and 'A' have to be on the left side of the uniform.
3. New York Rangers-Their third jersey gets better and better as the years go by.
4. Toronto Maple Leafs-The old school socks are a perfect accent to these jerseys.
5. Chicago Blackhawks-Lukas was awfully harsh on the Hawks home unis. It is still a great set.
6. Boston Bruins-The third jersey lowers their ranking. I'm not big on the bear going on the front.
7. Pittsburgh Penguins-Bring back the baby blues from the first Winter Classic.
8. Minnesota Wild-I gave my two cents on their jersey history on Tuesday.
9. San Jose Sharks-Modified uniforms = modified playoff results?
10. Los Angeles Kings-Never get rid of the black and silver look. 
11. Philadelphia Flyers-I like the retro look, but I cringe at the name on the back of the jerseys.
12. Edmonton Oilers-At least they went back to the jerseys from the 80s. 
13. New Jersey Devils-Devils have kept their look the same since 92. But who will score their goals?
14. Buffalo Sabres-The waiting for their new gold alternate jersey has gone on too long.
15. New York Islanders-If that alternate jersey did not exist, they would be a top 10 team.
16. Columbus Blue Jackets-I still dont get the cannon logo.
17. Carolina Hurricanes-They simplified their look. A nice change from what they previously wore.
18. Calgary Flames-Remember when they had the flaming horse crest?
19. Ottawa Senators-Throwback alternate is a nice touch.
20. Florida Panthers-These jerseys just dont do much. Seems a bit too plain.
21. Winnipeg Jets-Jets can do better. Take a page from the Selanne days.
22. Anaheim Ducks-The logo stinks. Main jerseys stink. The alternate has too much orange.
23. Vancouver Canucks-At least its not the worst jerseys in their history.
24. Phoenix Coyotes-Bring back the robot coyote!
25. Tampa Bay Lightning-I like what they tried to do here, but lots of unnecessary stuff going on.
26. Washington Capitals-Switch to something similar to the alternates please!
27. St. Louis Blues-Alternate is great, mains have too much RBK in them.
28. Nashville Predators-Ryan Suter's reason for leaving Nashville was he secretly hated the yellow.
29. Colorado Avalanche-RBK makeover took a nice jersey and made it bad. Alternate is a woof.
30. Dallas Stars-Mike Modano should of never put this awful thing on.

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  1. What the hell tampa at 25, u have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If I was just rating their home jersey, they would be a lot higher. But the bolts on the shoulders are unnecessary and the Tampa Bay wording over the crest on the away jersey is completely unnecessary. Third jersey is one of my least favorite thirds in the league.

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