Monday, December 30, 2013

Time To Take Charge

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This is not a post that comes easy to write. But in the wake of one of the more gut wrenching losses of the season and a mob out there ready to bash heads, it was time to let this one loose.

The past month, we have watched our favorite hockey club give more tireless efforts than one cares for in a whole season. At the end of each game, we hear the same "we can't have that" speech from the head coach and the team captain. Last night, the common theme was "that can't happen".

So the question here is, what the hell is being done to make sure this is not happening anymore? Because it keeps happening like clockwork with this team.

Many have put the blame solely on the shoulders of Mike Yeo. Fair argument, considering he is the head coach and all. But from here, the problem does not come off as a coaching issue. It comes off as a leadership issue.

Yes, Yeo is the coach and he has the biggest voice in the locker room blah blah blah. But remember in October when he tweaked his system and the team came out firing on all cylinders? Yeah, almost thought you forgot didn't you? Nice try.

I respect Mikko Koivu beyond most things. He is an outstanding two way player and is someone I want centering the first line. But right now is where he needs to step up and take charge. He is the captain. This is why he wears the 'C' on his jersey. Whether its calling the whole team out, a few individuals out, or a symbolic smashing of something...he needs to be the one to do it. Light a fire under your team's rear end before your coach, who you all believe in, gets canned for it.

This is where the problem lies right now. Leadership. Mike Yeo is not the problem. His voice is heard, but it is up to the players to carry out what he says. They did in October-November. But they all of a sudden quit and the team has take a nosedive in the standings.

The ball is in your court Mikko Koivu. Do something before the GM steps in and makes a move. Do it quickly.

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