Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fail For Nail

As we all know, the Wild are in the midst of a historic collapse. On December 12th, they sat atop the NHL standings and were about to take on Midwest rivals Winnipeg and Chicago. And we know how the rest goes.

Today, the team sits with the 6th worst record in the league (Could be 4th worse by the end of tonight), and they have just become an eyesore to watch. But, if you are like me right now, every loss is a welcome site at this point.

With every loss (Which is just about every game now), the Wild boost their chances in the summer's NHL Draft lottery, which could see them potentially move up from a pick in the 3-6 area, to the #1 overall pick, which is just about a lock to be Sarnia Sting (OHL) forward Nail Yakupov.

On the season, Yakupov has put up a line of 49-52-101 in in 65 games played (In his final season with Sarnia, Steven Stamkos put up a line of 58-47-105 in 61 games played before being drafted by TB). And if you watch the above video, he has a ridiculous talent for putting the puck in the net, something the Wild could use.

At this point, lets be real. The playoffs are all but officially not happening for this team. So, take a page out of my book and hope they continue to come out of each game with 0 points. I know that sounds horrible, but honestly folks, this team needs a player like Yakupov. So why not hope for the loss, so they increase their chances of stealing the #1 pick from bottom feeders Columbus and Edmonton? It COULD happen...

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