Thursday, March 22, 2012

Was Monday's Win The Wild's Last This Year?

Monday, the Wild blanked division leader Vancouver 2-0, giving them their first win since March 8th against Phoenix. But, as we look ahead to the final 10 games of the season, the schedule does not favor the Wild whatsoever (It definitely favors the Fail for Nail strategy, though!).

In these final 10 games, all of them are going to be played against teams who are all in playoff contention. 4 of these games will be played against Eastern Conference teams (Buffalo, Washington, NY Rangers, and Florida), with the remaining to be played against the West (Calgary, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and Phoenix).

Here is the remaining schedule starting tonight against the Flames:

March 22 vs Calgary
March 24 @ Buffalo
March 25 @ Washington
March 27 vs NY Rangers
March 29 vs Florida
March 31 vs Los Angeles
April 1 @ Chicago
April 3 @ Nashville
April 5 vs Chicago
April 7 vs Phoenix

So as you can see, this schedule is not for the light hearted teams. And with the way this team has played in the past three months, the question has to be raised, did we see the final win for the Wild in 2011-12 on Monday? It sure looks like it

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