Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good & Bad: The Remaining Roster Hopefuls

With the end of training camp/preseason on the horizon, lets take a look at the good and bad in each of the remaining players who are still in contention for a roster spot.


Cody Almond
Good: Can provide good scoring depth on the fourth line. Scored 34 points in 44 games in Switzerland last year. Has a bit of toughness that the head coach is looking for too.
Bad: Has not played North American hockey in two seasons. Will he be able to adapt quickly to make an impact if he makes the roster?

Michael Keranen
Good: Lead the Finnish league with 52 points last year. Can provide good scoring depth at even strength and on the power play (he has performed well when on the PP this preseason). Very fast skater.
Bad: Keranen has never played outside the Finnish league before. So if the Wild were to hold onto him to begin the year, it might take some time for him to get fully acclimated to the NHL.

Brett Sutter
Good: Related to Darryl.
Bad: Kept getting moved back and forth between Carolina and their AHL affiliate Charlotte for the past four seasons. If you can't hold a roster spot on the Canes, then we probably shouldn't expect him to hold one here.

Stephane Veilleux
Good: Can bring a spark of energy to the team when needed. Plays physical, and is well respected by the head coach.
Bad: Physical is as far as it goes with "Steve". He is not overly great at other things offensively or defensively.

Jason Zucker
Good: He is fast, he shoots a lot, and can score. Great upside for the Wild;s 2010 second round pick.
Bad: Has been defensively challenged in the past. Lacks some effort in the defensive end too. Shown improvement in the preseason though.


Stu Bickel
Good: He is one of us. Also has that highly coveted grit.
Bad: Making an occasional good play is a challenge for him.

Matt Dumba
Good: Has the potential to be an all-around dynamic defenseman.
Bad: Has taken risks defensively this postseason. Could backfire once season begins.

Christian Folin
Good: Smart, talented defenseman. Continuously makes good decisions.
Bad: Offense from him could be questionable.


Ilya Bryzgalov
Good: Fans, media, and teammates all like him. Good locker room presence. Great at taking selfies.
Bad: Sat on his couch practicing taking selfies all summer. Has not looked good in the net.

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