Sunday, October 19, 2014

Into The Rafters

I always am finding myself coming back to that clip. Picard and Riker standing on the bridge of the Enterprise after it met its end. Picard's lines are just outstanding here.

A lot of cherishing is happening here right now.

This is the 493rd and final post in the history of the Team of 18,001. Its bittersweet to say the least. While I will miss this site and what I have accomplished here, I am excited for the road ahead.

No, I am not retiring from writing. I just simply am moving to a new site. And that new site, Wild Xtra, officially kicks off tomorrow. The site will cover everything Wild related so please come on over and join us.

As I have gone back and read some posts from the early days, I realize I have come a LONG ways with writing. A lot of long paragraphs and overuse of commas. But I'd like to think I've improved for the better. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me.

Real emphasis on that last sentence. Thank you. Thanks to everyone for coming on over and reading my nonsense. Thanks to those who have constantly pushed me to be better (you know who you are). And lastly, thanks to John Bonnes and MinnCentric for giving me this new opportunity at Wild Xtra.

Thank you Team of 18,001. You now can hang in the rafters.

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