Monday, October 21, 2013

Hockey Fights Cancer

For those who come to the site often, you find that I like to special event logos up in the top right corner of the main banner. The logos range from Stanley Cup Playoffs to NHL Draft to an American Flag for the Fourth of July.

But for the month of October, there will be just one logo in the top corner, and it is for Hockey Fights Cancer.

This is something I very much believe in promoting.

I watched my grandfather, the most influential person in my life as a kid and the guy who taught me just about everything I know related to hockey, battle prostate cancer for several years. It is a vicious battle. He fought it for so long, I can not in good conscience say he lost that battle. I consider it a victory considering how long he dealt with it.

I've seen my mother's good friend lose a battle with breast cancer. She now keeps a small memorial to her friend with many pink ribbon related items she has collected throughout the years. Every time I see something pink, I try and get it for her so she can A)add to that memorial and B) I know proceeds from the item I buy is going to research for getting rid of this disease.

I'm sure in some way or another, cancer has affected all of us. Its awful. It really is. So lets step up as a hockey community and do what we can to get rid of this disease.

Tomorrow night, the Wild are hosting the Predators and they are having Hockey Fights Cancer night. The first 5,000 fans in the door get a bingo card with a chance to win some great prizes and I'm sure there will be some kind of silent auction with proceeds going to a cancer related fund. If you don't have tickets, head on over to the team's website and get a pair (to make it better, the team has waived online fees for the game).

If you haven't checked out the NHL's HFC apparel, head on over this link. There are some great items. Proceeds of course, go to the NHL's charitable HFC initiatives.

Finally, if you just feel like donating to the HFC programs, head over to this link. You can find the list of HFC partners down the page.

I know this is a lot of promoting that's already been done by the NHL and its 30 clubs, but it needs to be said again here.

We may disagree on things as a hockey community, but we can all agree on this. Step up and join the fight.

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