Friday, October 4, 2013

Minnesota And The Selection Of The 3 Stars

This morning, I was drinking my morning coffee while going through some game recaps, tweets, etc in regards to last night's NHL action. Nothing too out noteworthy unless you still want to talk about the Patrick Roy/Bouce Boudreau rift.

Something that did catch my eye on the Twitter side was a reply from Russo to a Kings fan who was calling him and the media out for the selection of the three stars (1. Brodin 2. Coyle 3. Brodziak) in last night's Kings-Wild tilt.

Obviously, the media had no part in the selection of three Wild players making the three stars, in a 3-2 Los Angeles victory.

I'm all for having a fan three stars selection vote for the in-arena guests. But when you allow the fans to vote on the "official" three stars of the game, which go on an official NHL scoresheet, that's just downright embarrassing (Russo also chimed something similar shortly after the above tweet).

I'm sure Los Angeles G Jonathan Quick and F Jeff Carter don't care when they do or don't make the three stars selection (for a road game mind you), but the fact here is they deserved it. Quick made 27 saves (some which looked like sure goals for Minnesota) while stopping both shootout attempts, and Carter notched the game tying goal late in the third period while getting the winner in the shootout.

Again, both players were crucial to the Kings come from behind victory, and yet neither made the "official" three stars list.

Minnesota prides itself on the game of hockey (thus the "State of Hockey" title). The club loves to recognize that fact, but this decision to place the three stars vote with the fans is rather erroneous. The club gives fans six options on who to vote for in the third period, and four or five of those options are Wild players. The Wild could be losing 6-0 and still dominate the three stars because of this. This is unacceptable.

Most other markets in this league use media members to vote on the three stars of the game. For example from last night's NHL games: Dallas had veteran beat writer Mike Heika vote, St. Louis and Pittsburgh use the in house media, and San Jose uses radio play by play man Dan Rusanowsky to vote.

Meanwhile, in the "highly respected" hockey market of Minnesota. They let the fans vote (the same fans, mind you, who booed Josh Harding when he returned late last season after allowing a couple goals to Edmonton).

This needs to be fixed. Give it to the Minnesota media or back to Doug Johnson of Lets Play Hockey (Doug was previously the voter on the three stars before being replaced by the fans). Heck, give it to Kevin Falness. I don't care. Anyone but the fans.

I know the three stars is a minuscule thing to complain about. But it is a respected part of the game, which does show up on the before mentioned official scoresheet. Please treat it as such.

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