Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are We Doomed?

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Yesterday, a Deadspin article was written about the Wild that basically said they will never win anything. They never could draft a franchise player without drafting in the top five and they are overpaying players in free agency, who's best years are behind them. That was the premise the article was written on.

The team they are playing tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks, were a dismal hockey team for several seasons and it allowed them to draft franchise players such as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. Chicago has gone on to win two out of the last four Stanley Cups thanks in large part to these players.

So with tonight's Game Six on the horizon, and the Wild trailing 3-2 in this best of seven series, lets ask the question: Are the Wild doomed?

First, here are a few stats about their opposition in playoff series:
Welp, that is frightening. Lets just pack it in and go home, right? Wrong.

The good news is, the Wild are playing Game Six at home where they have been dominating this postseason. In the five games at Xcel Energy Center, Minnesota is 5-0, have outscored the opponents 15-6, and have outshot the opposition 150-96. They have fed off the record setting crowds in St. Paul, and have used that home ice advantage to get inside the opponents head.

So if the Wild can somehow win Game 6, are they still doomed? Who knows. Game Seven is a complete crapshoot. Any team can win on a given night. But we will save this one for another day.

The fact remains, that when you get into the postseason, anything is possible. Are the odds stacked against the Wild? Yes. Are they a sure lock to lose this series? No. Are they going to never win a Cup as the Deadspin article suggests? Who knows. No one can predict the future.

The point of this is, do not discount the Wild tonight. The have seen the odds stacked against them time and time again this season, and they have responded every time with outstanding hockey. You should expect nothing less than that outstanding play again tonight with their season on the line.

Its win or go home for Minnesota. How do they respond tonight? Find out at 8:00.

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