Friday, May 23, 2014

Who's Faster: Chris Kreider or Erik Haula

If there has been one player who has stuck out from the Montreal-New York Eastern Conference Final series, its been Chris Kreider of the Rangers.

Kreider has had a coming out party this postseason, after spending all of last year in John Tortorella's doghouse. A big reason for his success, is his speed. If you watch Kreider at all, you know he can get up and down the ice like no other. Some have tabbed him "the fastest player in the league".

But wait! The Wild have a player like that too! His name: Erik Haula (obligatory "HAULA AT YO BOYS" comment here). Much like Kreider, Haula jumped onto the scene this year while using his great speed to get in behind the defense. Some could make the argument that he too, is the fastest player in the league.

So let's settle this once and for all, yes?

I took the time of the player from blue line to blue line, since its pretty impossible to get a better number from red line to red line, since the player has to stop/start at the different ends of the ice. It was also not easy to get a clip of each player going the same speed as they go through the first blue line and through the neutral zone, and this was the best I could come up with. 

With that said, lets get the results, starting with Kreider.

Kreider clocks in here at 1.87 seconds. You could probably shave another tenth of a second off that time had he not tripped up right as he hit the blue line, but an impressive time nonetheless.

Well this is a pretty accurate timing of Haula's speed. he goes across both blue lines at full stride. He clocks in here at 1.96 seconds, which is just .09 behind Kreider's time.

So there you have it. Video proof that Chris Kreider is faster than Erik Haula. Should Wild fans be mad of this? No. Haula is the second fastest player in the league. The Wild have been known for having players go four seconds from blue line to blue line (*looks at Andrew Brunette*). To have a player with that kind of speed is great for them moving forward.

I'll try and check back in next year with another Kreider vs Haula speed contest.

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  1. I want to see Zucker and Haula on a line togther. Speed to burn.