Friday, April 11, 2014

Farewell Mike Rupp

Photo: Brad Rempel/USA Today
One week ago, Mike Rupp's agent Allan Walsh was clamoring for his client to get back in the lineup after Minnesota had been the victim of some apparent head injuries. Here was the following tweet Walsh fired off:

So with the game virtually meaningless to the Wild yesterday, Mike Yeo decided to give Rupp his first game action since February 1st. Walsh, again, fired off a Rupp related tweet.

How does Rupp respond to getting into game action? He takes this run at Blues F TJ Oshie in the second period.

Gif credit: @myregularface
Rupp was immediately tossed from the game after being given an 'intent to injure' penalty. The officials were 100% correct in making that call. There should have been no backlash from the Wild fans in attendance about that one (fans were heard jeering the officials for tossing Rupp). Rupp is in no way making a play on the puck and lifts his shoulder/elbow causing direct contact with Oshie's head.

Today, Rupp will have a phone hearing with the NHL's Department of Player Safety. It means he can only be suspended four games or less, but the guess here is that he will be receiving the maximum amount of games played just based on the fact that he is Mike Rupp and the fact Oshie did not return to the game.

Regardless of how many games he gets suspended, Rupp has played the final game in his Wild career. There will be no use for him on the roster when the postseason starts next week.

During a time when the Wild are continuously looking to get faster, Rupp is a player who has no speed and offers very little offensively. The only reason he was on the ice last night was so he could be that deterrent against a very physical Blues squad. He ended up being the exact opposite.

Farewell Mike Rupp. Your time with the Wild was short and really not all that sweet.

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