Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One Last Battle

(Gabe Landeskog = this guy)

Is there any better words in hockey than "Game Seven'?

Tonight, the Wild and Avalanche take one last fight at the Pepsi Center, with the winner getting to take on the Chicago Blackhawks this weekend. 

The Wild have not been in this position since 2003, when they reeled off two consecutive game seven victories before bowing out in the Conference Finals. Maybe Patrick Roy remembers one of those game sevens?

The home team has not lost in this series. A trend that does not favor the Wild. The four Western Conference quarterfinal series have seen the home team win 20 out of 24 games. Again, not favoring the Wild. Nathan MacKinnon has scored 10 points in three games in Denver this year. Not good news for the visitors either.

Much like the Rohirrim, in the above video, the Wild are not favored in this battle. But, they rode into battle and pulled off the upset thanks to some supernatural help. Maybe the Wild can get a little of that tonight?


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