Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Only A Game

Mikko Koivu and Josh Harding landed on IR today. Photo: Genevieve Ross/AP
Good afternoon from the north, where the Wild made some roster moves this morning that brought widespread panic across the internet. The team announced that they have placed Mikko Koivu and Josh Harding on IR while calling up Erik Haula and Jon Blum from Iowa.

The fact that Koivu was placed on IR before the extent of his injury (a puck off the side of the foot from Saturday's game) was ever revealed is concerning. It potentially means he will be out a while. And as for Harding, well, who knows when he will return.

Before mass hysteria ever entered my mind, I was reminded of a quote from Matt Dumba following Team Canada's loss in the bronze metal of the 2014 World Junior Tournament.
We'll get through this. It's not life or death. You're not losing a family member. It's a game.-Matt Dumba
I get it folks, it stinks. Losing bites, and not having four key players (Koivu, Harding, Zach Parise, and Jared Spurgeon) in your lineup makes it even worse. But good lord folks, calm down and remember what Dumba said here. Its a game.

It takes us away from everyday realities for a few hours a night. It may not always be favorable, but you have to try and have fun with it. So when I make several Warren Peters related jokes on twitter, know I'm just trying to lighten the mood around here (now who's in favor of a Warren Peters return just for old times sake?!).

Losing stinks, but its just a game. Remember this during the next couple of weeks.

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